Temple-ABLJ Partnership

In the wake of COVID, the editors of the American Bankruptcy Law Journal recognized that the costs of a print edition of the Journal outweighed the benefits. Increasingly, the most important audiences for the Journal would be online, and that is where ABLJ decided to move.

The editors also recognized that partnering with a law school could bring valuable benefits both to the Journal and the participating law school and its students. The ABLJ invited a number of schools to compete for the opportunity to partner with ABLJ.

Temple University – Beasley School of Law, led by Dean Rachel Rebouche, Professor Jonathan Lipson, and Assistant Dean Shyam Nair presented a proposal that highlighted Temple’s strengths as a potential partner to ABLJ, including that Professor Lipson had previously served as a Faculty Advisor to the ABLJ and was, from 2011 to 2017, the Content Officer of the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association.

The platform designed by Temple and ABLJ will house not only the Journal but, it is hoped, additional content, such as reaction pieces, a blog and webinars.